Flying to the Isle of Man

There are two airfields that are operational on the Isle of Man, Ronaldsway and AndreasRonaldsway is the first port of call for most visiting pilots. This is a public airfield handling international flights, but nevertheless GA friendly. 

Flights originating outside of the Isle of Man will require a flight plan, especially relevant as there will be long overseas transits. It is important to remember that flights to and from the Isle of Man are subject to the requirements of the anti-terrorism regulation requiring Special Branch clearance. A list of designated airfields is available from most flight guides and, in the event of an airfield you should want to fly from not being designated, then you will be required to give the local police authority normally 24 hours notice of your flight to or from the Isle of Man. 

To determine handling and arrival procedures at Ronaldsway, visit the Isle of Man airport website ( The General Aviation Report (GAR) should also be faxed to Isle of Man constabulary on 01624 631328.

Handling Services - at present handling services are provided by Rendezvous Handling, Isle of Man Airport, Isle of Man. IM9 2AS. T. +44(0)1624 829050 M. +44(0)7624 426493 F. +44(0)1624 829020 E. W. and for larger aircraft The Jet Centre, Isle of Man Airport, British Isles. IM9 2RJ T. +44 (0) 1624 825100 F: +44 (0) 1624 824333 24Hr Operations (Mobile): +44 (0) 7624 474999 E. Operations, FBO & Handing Enquiries:


Ronaldsway is the main airport on the Isle of Man and situated to the southeast of the island. It handles a considerable amount of commercial traffic. Contact details are Ronaldsway Airport, Ballasalla, Isle of Man IM9 2AS, telephone 01624 821600, fax 01624 821627


Andreas is a former World War II airfield with two asphalt runways.  It is a private airfield and prior permission is mandatory. The airfield owners can be contacted on 01624 880897, 07624 473397 or 07624 494521. 

The runway surfaces are quite gravelly so care is needed when taxiing and operating on the ground. 

The owners are pro-aviation and will advise on arrival and departure protocols upon contact. 

There are a number of private aircraft based on the airfield as well as micro lights and gliders. Parking areas are available and there is a portacabin with toilet facilities;  visitors may camp on the airfield by prior arrangement. 

The approach to the airfield is straightforward, however pilots should pass overhead and check that the Glider Club is not active before making final approach. The Glider Club do use winches for launching and contact can be made by calling Andreas Base on frequency 130.1. If active, advice will be given on location of winch cable if it is run out. 

Runways are 28/10 approximately 1,000 metres and the one most frequently used with circuits to the north. The alternative is 24/06 approximately 900 metres with circuits to the east.  Pilots should avoid flying over built-up areas. 

Caution :  Andreas should not be confused with Jurby airfield, which is approximately 4 miles to the west. Jurby is basically closed to aviation as it is now more commonly used as a motorcycle racing circuit.