AOPA is a non-profit-making organisation owned and operated by its members, the primary function being to further General Aviation by working with the appropriate authorities and regulatory bodies, sustaining the needs of General Aviation particularly on the Isle of Man, and trying to ensure that the regulation does not needlessly add cost and bureaucracy or hinder development. 

We all want safe aviation but the best safety device on board any aircraft is a well-trained and proficient pilot.  This means that the regulatory model should enable pilots to spend more of their time and money on flying. 

AOPA is the only organisation in the Isle of Man that can fully look after all General Aviation pilots and owners, whether professional or recreational.  With affiliation to International AOPA with over 450,000 members worldwide in 63 different countries not only do we have the depth of experience from around the world, but people representing General Aviation at all levels internationally as well as locally. 

Our aims, and if you like mission statement, are as follows : 

AOPA will promote your right to fly and 

  • increase aviation awareness

  • increase your freedom to fly

  • combat increases in costs

  • remove or amend unnecessary regulations and restrictions

  • improve aviation safety

  • protect airfields

  • improve flying training

  • evaluate and publicise proposed changes in legislation

  • fight for your rights

  • make our members better pilots.

AOPA UK and AOPA Isle of Man ensure that your views as pilots or aircraft owners are heard in all the appropriate places, both locally and internationally.  AOPA UK represents pilots and aircraft owners in over a dozen UK and European aviation forums and. through its association with IAOPA, at over 30 international forums. 

Who Are We?

AOPA Isle of Man Region is operated by a management committee elected on a three-yearly rotation.  Present members are: Chairman - Geoffrey Boot;  Vice Chairman - Alan Burrows;  Secretary - Suzie Boot;  Membership Secretary - Kate Pirie; Committee Member - Richard Jowett. 

We are at present looking for other members willing to serve on the committee who might have areas of expertise that would make a useful addition to our contact and experience base. Profiles of Committee Members.