Ground Instructor Course

The details regarding the Revised AOPA Ground Instructor Certificate are now available from AOPA.

The Ground Instructor Certificate is a qualification attainable by an individual who undertakes to give instruction in the ground subjects associated with the JAR-FCL PPL(A) or the UK NPPL (SSEA).

The purpose of this certificate is to meet the following:

1. To improve the status and quality of instruction and training in the technical subjects for the PPL(A).

2. To provide a qualification which can be accepted by the UK CAA as a credit towards other JAR-FCL instructor qualifications issued by the UK CAA such as the Class Rating Instructor (CRI), the Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI), or the Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) Rating (FI(A)).

3. To provide a qualified status for the Flight Instructor who may have lost his/her licence for some reason, e.g. on medical grounds.

A candidate wishing to qualify as a Ground Instructor will need to meet the following requirements:

(a) Normally should hold (or have held within the last 10 years) at least a PPL(A).
(b) Have attained the age of 18 years.
(c) Completed a Registration Form for the AOPA Ground Instructor Certificate and send it with the registration fee of 35 to AOPA.
(d) Pass a pre-entry examination for the Ground Instructor Course.
(e) Satisfactorily complete a Ground Instructor Course covering teaching techniques and the technical subjects.
(f) Pass an oral examination in Teaching and Learning and in the technical subjects.
(g) Send a completed Registration Form for the Ground Instructor Certificate to AOPA.

Upon satisfying the above requirements the candidate will be issued with an AOPA Ground Instructor Certificate. The period of validity of the certificate is 3 years.

For further details and a registration form contact:

The Administrative Secretary
50a Cambridge Street