AOPA Isle of Man Regional Annual Meeting was held at Ballagarraghyn Mansion House, St Johns, IM4 3LH.

AOPA Isle of Man Regional Annual Meeting – 11 January 2012 :  6:30 pm at Ballagarraghyn Mansion House, St Johns, Isle of Man IM4 3LH.



N reg FAA licence update: As a result of a briefing I received at AOPA’s Instructor Committee (which I chair) on 20 June I thought to let you know the latest fromEurope as it were with regard to the above. EASA and the FAA are in the process of signing a bilateral agreement in which it is stated that there is no possibility of European domiciled individuals operating on an FAA pilot’s licence, at the moment after 2014 but bearing in mind the timescale probably 2015. 






It would appear that there are changes afoot in the Isle of Man as the Director of Aviation, Brian Johnson, is moving to pastures new. Press release issued by the IOM Government: The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has announced that it will be searching for a new Director of Civil Aviation to replace Brian Johnson, who will be stepping down from the role in the Department of Economic Development, effective of 26th August 2011.





AOPAIsle of Man’s Executive Committee held a meeting on 27 June 2010 at Ballagarraghyn and a brief summary of the business dealt with follows :

Election of officers for 2010/11     All the present officers indicated that they would again stand.  With no alternative candidates they were appointed for a further year en bloc...




6-11 June 2010 - International AOPA World Assembly

Suzie and I attended the above Assembly on behalf of UK AOPA and AOPA Isle of Man.  As always it was good to meet affiliates from many of the national AOPAs as well as explore the challenges facing General Aviation world-wide.

As a reminder, International AOPA comprises 68 nation states with over 400,000 members and has connections world-wide at international level including ICAO, EASA, the European Commission and all national CAAs so taps into an organisation that talks from a position of strength as well as knowledge....


Geoffrey Boot, Chairman AOPA IOM/UK Vice Chairman and Suzie Boot, AOPA IOM Secretary met Brian Johnson, Director of Civil Aviation and his Deputy Director and Chief Surveyor of the Isle of Man, Hartley Elder for an overview of where the Manx registry is;  in particular looking into some of the cost implications and problems encountered by owners transferring to the Manx registry.

An overall report on the meeting was posted direct to members and all the questions raised with regard to access, oversight costs, etc were answered.  The Civil Aviation Authority of the Isle of Man is hoping to arrange a meeting with Manx owners and AOPA have undertaken to facilitate this in the not too distant future.

Report to AOPA IOM Members: The meeting was called as a result of a number of issues raised by Isle of Man members in connection with the operation and cost of operating aircraft on the Manx registry. 

BJ and HE gave an overview of the rationale behind the Manx registry and the logistics from their point of view.  BJ reiterated that the idea of a Manx registry came with a long history going back maybe 10 years or more that had required much negotiation with the UK DfT, via whom we are signatory, along with other British overseas territories, of ICAO.  Dispensation was finally granted on the basis that none of the aircraft registered would operate commercially, and that obviously the Isle of Man remain fully ICAO compliant....























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