Geoffrey Boot - In addition to being Chairman of AOPA Isle of Man Region Geoffrey is Vice Chairman of AOPA UK.  He is based on the Isle of Man and holds a CPLIR with FI rating. He flies a Siai Marchetti SF260 which he uses as transport and to participate in handicapped air racing under the auspices of the Royal Aero Club 3Rs. In addition Geoffrey owns a PA30 Twin Comanche, which he terms his ‘serious transport’. 

He is a Royal Aero Club council member, a member of the PFA US AOPA, Association of Manx Pilots and a great believer in organisations working together to further General Aviation's cause. 

On behalf of AOPA he also sits on the CAA General Aviation Consultative Committee, the General Aviation Safety Review Working Group and the NATS Airprox Board.


Alan Burrows - profile to follow.


Suzie Boot - As might be gathered from her name, she is married to Geoffrey Boot and has been deeply involved in General Aviation since they met and married many years ago. 

She flies extensively with Geoffrey and acts as his navigator when air racing.  She strongly believes that flying should be safe but, just as importantly, fun and that bringing together like-minded people is what AOPA should be about.


Kate Pirie - profile to follow.


Richard Jowett - profile to follow.