Radio Navigation Course

Radio Navigation Certificate

AOPA has redesigned this Syllabus of Instruction in order to encourage pilots who hold either a JAR-FCL PPL or UK NPPL to obtain formal training in radio navigation procedures for use under Visual Flight Rules in accordance with the privileges of their licences.

Additionally, for holders of a JAR-FCL PPL issued by the UK CAA, the course of training can be taken as a progressive step towards obtaining a UK IMC Rating. To this end a JAR-FCL PPL holder who has qualified for the AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate may be exempt from up to 5 hours instrument training at the Applied Stage of the IMC course (without time limit).

A candidate wishing to obtain this certificate can commence the course at any time after qualifying for a Private Pilotís Licence and a Flight Radio Telephony Operatorís Licence. There are no minimum pre-entry hour or calendar time requirements, nor is there a calendar time requirement to complete the course of training.

A fee of £15 will have to be paid to AOPA to cover the cost of administering the issue of the certificate. However, if the candidate is a member of AOPA this fee will only be £10.

To obtain the Syllabus and Record of Training for the AOPA Radio Navigation Course contact:

The Administrative Secretary
50a Cambridge Street